Teenage Wasteland

Sometimes online, I’ll come across tributes to the shopping malls of days gone by. Although we may have mocked them once we cast them away for greener pastures like college campuses, my generation’s experience has been regretfully lost: the leg warmers and frosted hairdos of teenaged girls, the popped collars and giant moon-boot sneakers of swaggering boys, and the antiseptic multi-leveled mall where it was reasonably safe for them to congregate. Malls had movie theaters along with those food courts. Malls had video arcades. Malls once encouraged the youth of suburbia to stay and sit awhile. Outside the malls, the … Continue reading Teenage Wasteland

What Junkie is This?

As I was straightening out our class shelf of novels today, I browsed through the recent donations.  I make my college reading students actually read books because it’s important, so much so that I keep a bookcase of donated books handy from which they can take a volume or three.  Teachers and community book-lovers are eager to share their castaways.  They trickle in steadily, even though I last put out the call for books nearly two years ago. I also believe that I should demonstrate a love of reading; thus, I choose a book as well, and I model the … Continue reading What Junkie is This?

Fabulous Poetry Reading 4/26/13

To celebrate poetry month, I’m emerging to read in public, and I’m sharing the spotlight with Chris Parr, Amanda Wynn, and Matt Freeman.  It should be a provocative and entertaining collection of poetry (and people)!  Please join us on Friday, April 26, 2013, at the Webster Groves Public Library.  Readings begin at 7.  Socializing is sure to follow afterward at a local public house. Continue reading Fabulous Poetry Reading 4/26/13

Autumn Renewal

This weather is amazing!  Late August heat simply bums me out, but this I can handle.  I feel as though I recently climbed over a mountain and now I’m on an easy coast through a lovely valley.  Wonderful new job, financial optimism, the end of my brother’s suffering… life is filled with promise.  And today I received hard copies of my most recent publication (scroll lower right to see “Motherhouse” poem).  I hope all is good with you, and that this autumn is renewing your joy as it is mine.  Kisses. Continue reading Autumn Renewal