Happy Independence Day!

I’m sure getting old — all this yard work has me sore from head to toe!  It’s worth it, though, to entertain on the 4th of July.

If you’re wondering whether I’ve been writing, let me answer you as succinctly as I can: NO.  But I’ve surely been gardening, and my tribal fusion dance class is so much fun, and my dreams have been entirely too vivid.

And although I think I might have already read most of it at some point in the past that I can’t remember (which explains why it was in my bookcase), I’m reading Mother Tongue and it is absolutely a blast.  I forgot that William the Conqueror had killed King Harold because King Harold’s dad had wanted William to be king, but Harold had other ideas.  Thus the Norman Invasion of 1066, which led to wild “Frenchy” changes in English.  Good stuff.  Yes, I’m brushing up.  In my new upcoming job, I’m the lead teacher in reading (and the first and only full-time college reading teacher at this particular college), so I need to revisit my love of linguistics.

My 16-yr-old Charlie met a lovely young lady from England and is quite smitten (she had to return to her parents in Bristol, though).  John says that on the 4th of July, Charlie should get a good picture of himself all gussied up in American regalia and post it for her benefit on Facebook.  Rabble rousers.

Happy 235th birthday, America!  It’s still the best place in the world to be an uppity female.

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